Tuesday, July 30, 2013


                BINMATU explore the microcosms of sound. These are tiny things amplified into near-painful levels. ‘CRYSTYLYS’ takes apart the sound bit by bit. Songs are essentially non-existent. Melody barely rears its ugly head on these seven tracks. None of these could be considered pretty. By excluding nearly everything in these sparse recordings one gets the sense of a self-contained ecosystem. Keeping everything out helps it to maintain a sense of being stuck deeply inside one’s own mind. Yes it can feel quite claustrophobic at times but that’s oddly one of its most endearing qualities. 

                ‘I’ (none of the tracks are titled) begins with a high-pitched digital sheen before deeper elements are added into the mix, ebbing and flowing. ‘II’ explores a queasier time one of a sound uncertain of where it is headed. The feel is one of complete discomfort. Sachiko M has a bit of influence over the nearly translucent ‘III’ which is pure clean drone with a particularly delicate high pitch that recedes in and out of the mix. ‘IV’ continues the path of ‘III’ but goes further down the spectrum akin to a long-forgotten test pattern that has slowly decayed over the years. For ‘V’ the clicking is reminiscent of Florian Hecker at his most confrontational. ‘VI’ is perhaps the most abrasive track with nothing more than a quick, pulse-like itching sound. 

                On the finale ‘VII’ everything recedes into calm. Easily the most relaxed track on the whole album it manages to end off the album on exactly the right note, as if it is slowly waving a great goodbye to the listener.

IT’S ALL HAPPENING by Steve Roggenbuck

                Dakota Wint gave Steve Roggenbuck his camera. There was only one way this could end. Steve Roggenbuck recorded a ton of footage of himself delivering those YouTube boosting sermons that made him New York Times famous. Right from the beginning this video does things a little differently. The viewers are talked to directly, like Steve Roggenbuck knows what goes on inside the average person’s mind. Without fear Steve Roggenbuck addresses the masses to get off their literal asses. 

                Most people have terrible days. Bad days are commonplace in humanity. Around the world there is a lot of misfortune out there. YOLO reflects upon this feeling. With only one life to live there is a lot that needs to be done. Trying to be positive is one way of getting through the sadness of life. However there is a bigger thing. Oftentimes when someone is feeling bad they take it out on others. Unfortunately this is done far too frequently. If somebody is having a bad day there is no need for that person to spread that misery around like butter on hot toast. Nope the better thing to do is to deal headfirst, mind first and soar up into the sky. Steve Roggenbuck reminds the viewer that ‘you are in charge of you’. Due to discontinued government experiments this is true. Years ago people had mind control experiments but that has been discontinued because of budget cuts. 

                Out of nowhere Dakota Wint tells the viewer about spreading love. He gets passionate. Through the power of happiness things begin to improve. Slowly his smile grows until it invades his entire face. Viewers might realize that Dakota Wint is an important component of this ‘boosting theory’ proposed many fortnights ago by the prestigious ‘LIVE MY LIEF’ think tank. Clearly this think tank has had a profound impact on countless young lives, and hopefully some older ones too. 

                Steve Roggenbuck appears in a football field. The reason is a bit subtle: Steve Roggenbuck wants to become the quarterback of the Boosting Football team. Instead of violence this team practices a different method, of joy. Where pain once lived there is now an inner peace that only a screaming Steve Roggenbuck could provide. At night the football field looks particularly cheerful. Oddly Steve Roggenbuck decides to show off his running abilities without running against anyone. Little known fact but Steve Roggenbuck has been beaten by a sloth in a sudden run down a stairwell. 

                What a finale for this video. Steve Roggenbuck sets his first satellite into space. Because of budgetary concerns he can only afford a candle in a balloon. However this satellite will give Steve Roggenbuck Wi-Fi access no matter where he goes in the world. The camera watches the balloon head deep into the sky because the camera knows that someday there will be a need to have Wi-Fi all over the world. Someday the world will have free Wi-Fi. With this balloon it is one small step towards free Wi-Fi access around the world. How’s that for boosted?


                SWAY PRESS returns avoiding the dreaded ‘sophomore slump’. Here they design a website so elegant it ought to put every sad-sacked Tumblr and BlogSpot user to utter shame. Words disappear and reappear whenever they damned well feel like it. Of course this sort of design helps keep the words separated. These writers are enthusiastic, too enthusiastic about everything. Fortunately they have wonderful curators taking the wise advice of ‘The Offspring’ and ‘keep them separated’. 

                Mark Cugini compares sadness to a sinking ship. Few know that sadness can lift them up. When the ship sinks new life can form. Plenty of sea creatures are thankful for the sunken ships, the drowned ones. No light is down in the darkness of the ocean. Rather it all is covered in shadow. Seasonal affective disorder is terrible deep under the sea away from sunlight. At least up on Earth on the cloudiest days people can eat junk food and know the sun might come out tomorrow. 

                Chuck Young remembers his life as an astronaut. Youth allows people to have their heads in the clouds. With age their minds return down to Earth. Good thing youth is the sandbox mode of life. Before adulthood youth needs to take full advantage of the stupidity of their situations. With each idiotic decision youth wastes itself, taking experiences and paying for it later in life. This youth is revisited later on in life with mid-life crises, dyed hair, and new cars. 

                Chris Terry describes Steady Paul. Poor Steady Paul knows but tells no one. Instead he looks at people’s asses while they write on the board in the front of the room. Whatever Steady Paul did not take notes. Sure asses are fine but asses cannot teach a class. Everybody loves DAT ASS but few admit it. One must be subtle when staring at a posterior.

                Christian Mallioux waits for the skin to come back. Scabs work to bring the skin back. Patience is required. Drying off the skin takes time. From here he spends time in bed dreaming of death, trying to act it out. Unfortunately he loses his mind and it pours out all over his bed. 

                Riley Michael Parker recalls a tale of revenge. Yes revenge ought to be bottled up in plenty of glass and plastic containers. Life is full of petty nonsense. Games are made to increase this level of pettiness. With the internet there is greater probably that something bad will be revealed at some point. Revenge is a lonely thing indeed. 

                Dom Schwab drinks the champagne of beers. Alleyways are watered by drunkenness. It is the only way plants grow in the alleyway, through rainwater and the lazy intoxicated. Parties try to reject people. Every party has its own version of exclusiveness. Compassion is an underrated rare thing. 

                Chadwick Redden experiences the third phase of the sixth extinction period. The world enjoys ending. Already that has happened too many times. Despite the destruction of everything held dear there is the sky remaining the same as it gradually changes with the rapidly moving light. Videos stream online transmitting images long gone, like light but lonelier. 

                Katherine Botten forgets who she is. Identity forgetfulness is highly critical to any persona. People adapt themselves to any situation. The situation adopts them into its life. ‘I don’t care’ used to be the mantra of a generation back when that generation was apathetic. Fortunately the apathy is gone. Unfortunately the apathy was replaced with high-functioning anxious individuals. 

                James Tadd Adcox finds himself tortured by a fake cat. Obviously the real cat was replaced to spy on James Tadd Adcox’s neat little domestic life. Impersonations of a cat are not uncommon. Plenty of people impersonate cats when it tickles their fancy fest. Strangely he never calls the cat out on it to let the cat know he is onto them, the mysterious unknowable force. 

                Russ Woods picks tears off of someone’s face. Eating tears is a bad idea for the dehydrated. Due to the salt content eating tears is an unhealthy form of dieting. Sadness is not particularly fulfilling. Rain is a better thing to consume. People drink rainwater whenever they kiss in the rain. Russ Woods admits that he controls the rain. That’s hot. Farmers would pay good money to have Russ Woods rain on their crops. 

                No Glykon describes the altar of a dead Satan. Due to Satan’s power it is highly unlikely he would ever been on an altar of blood. Temporary places exist in the mind. They are referred to as ‘moments’ and they are strange objects indeed. Of course it must have an exploding head at some point. With great memories comes great pressure comes explosions of color. 

                Lauren Snowden looks for a comb. God is not a razor. Despite God’s almighty power he is helpless against hair, hence the imagery of the long beard, long hair and carefree attitude. 

                Cassandra Gillig plays a game with the names. Fixing faxes is a rare treat. Nobody has time for faxes anymore. Anybody who uses faxes tends to be into vinyl records and pagers. Technology enjoys getting antiquated. 

                Leanne Bridgewater ends it with the hip ‘Word on the Street’ segment. Newspapers are the new horse-drawn carriages. Few horses were skilled artists hence why their carriages started to resemble horse-powered vehicles. Horoscopes suggest horribly specific things. Whoever did the horoscopes has no idea that vagueness is the answer to all of life’s questions. 

                Unfortunately the collection ends. Sway Press has the biographies of everyone who wrote but whatever. The writers know exactly who they are.

Monday, July 29, 2013

JFM – JFM 7.8

              To know what is going on in JFM’s world is to be hopelessly insane. Stylistic detours are part of the fun. Little snippets of samples weave themselves into an incoherent whole. If vaporwave ever decided to huff some ether it might sound a little something like this. Beats are meaningless. Melody appears to be almost suppressed throughout the entire thing. Wisps of coherence manage to find their way to the forefront occasionally. Thankfully whether or not this is coherent is irrelevant. Since most of these songs are extremely short, with the majority under the three minute mark, nothing overstays its welcome. Rather the parcel is presented, manipulated, thrown against the wall, and this process is repeated over and over again. 
JFM cover art 
                  ‘Druids in Ruins’ begin in truly incomprehensible fashion. A beat attempts to keep time but fails for the most part. Various samples are introduced for mood more than anything else. Eventually the samples mesh together forming a strange dusty groove. ‘New Breath’ sounds reminiscent of a Lite FM channel periodically switching channels. One of the more normal songs it feels similar to a long-lost loopy Akufen track. ‘Ezy2luv’ returns to bizarre pastures, making absolutely no sense whatsoever. Any meaning that might have been held is lost to countless sudden bursts of energy. ‘(Swallow Your Own) Shadow’ references Akufen quite nicely and could be considered a club banger in a club filled with robotripping teenagers. 

                By the end JFM keeps up its energy with its most accessible track ‘Felix’ which employs a nice unsteady groove. It is actually one of the main highlights of the album. For the finale ‘Bye’ JFM literally summarizes the weirdness of a whale call into a single track. ‘JFM’ is impressively weird.

Semantic Compositions from the Underbelly of a Suicidal Conscience by Hayden Wheeler

                Souls meet all the time. The world is a big place. Recycling of souls is pretty commonplace. Most souls in the world today used to be the souls of small ants. Brought together the ants build ant hills and carried things to great heights (by ant standards). Love didn’t exist for ants hence the need for reincarnation. Public benches are perfect places for PDA. Ground sinks beneath the legs of loved ones. Erotic tricks stem from such common sights. Foundations of relationships are built upon such typical exchanges for affection. Not everybody will ever be loved at the same time. With momentary glances at happiness the hope is that people will strive to be better to one another. 

                Out of nowhere (or somewhere) two people take off their clothes. Clearly they suffer from the summertime heat. As a wise sage once said ‘It’s getting hot in here so take off all your clothes’. The sun loves undressing people. Love does something similar. Yet love isn’t quite the same thing. Body heat is a thing. No person is a sun. Sure there’s the whole shining smile thing that people seem to go for but that’s not for everyone. Watching other people sleep is one of the best experiences in life. People look adorable when they sleep. Little breaths are sweeter than regular breaths. Usually one person goes to sleep first then the other watches that person for a little bit of time. It only has to be a few moments but it is enough to convince someone that now is the time for their rest. 

                Everything is beautiful. Tongues find their ways beneath teeth all the time. Some people even eat tongue though those people are not exactly ‘dating material’ more of the Hannibal Lecter quality. Bodies have no discernible beginnings or ends. They simply exist. Without any help at all the bodies know what to do. Bodies breathe without having to learn a thing. Eyes blink involuntarily. Many animals have to learn these extremely basic functions. Humans are born with this knowledge. Unfortunately humans are born with too much knowledge. After too much time of being on the planet humans reach a nadir in their life usually around the teenage years. During that time things get dark. Towards the end of the tween and teen years things start to brighten up. Friends are made. Work happens. Suddenly there’s a shift towards adulthood. Getting to adulthood though, that takes a lifetime.