Wednesday, February 29, 2012

#SentfrommyIphone by Dayton C Castleman and Maggie McGee

                #SentfrommyIphoneis cutting edge. All previous edges are cut. You’re left with smooth interactions. Each piece is moving. The first piece for example goes over the difficultly one has with relationships. Relationships are tricky things. Sometimes people you want don’t want you. That hurts but it works both ways. Here that happens, the part of the rejector trying not to laugh. 

                The pictures in here are beautiful weird things. You’re spying on an Iphone conversation. ‘True perfection is not attaining completion’ is a particularly good line. I feel this way all the time. If you’re not improving you’re busy being a big old pile o’ poop. Maybe things get completed. I doubt it though especially if you’re playing around with your Iphone. 

                A few of these are pretty silly. I like the ‘Blockbuster’ and ‘meditating child’ one. They play off of each other’s silliness. On a side note I haven’t seen the Blockbuster logo for years. Wonder when they’ll stop using the term to describe box office hits. Feel that’ll never happen since the term predates use of the actual store. 

                One of the saddest ‘most emotional’ poems deals with pumpkin seeds. The back image is a decapitated head. Astronauts come up in this poem. I think astronauts are probably some of the loneliest people off the planet. They’ve probably met aliens. Probably aliens are super-boring people, like the kind of people who get PhDs in sociology and can’t stop talking about it. I get it. Labor rights are important. Now let me eat this taco. 

                Sadness and pain comes up a lot in the chapbook. I guess a lot of small, short interactions are often filled with sadness. Usually they have to be short. If you talk for a while about how bummed out you are, the other person tends to tune you out. The sadness is pretty funny though in a weird, voyeuristic way.

                The images used rarely if ever have anything to do with the actual text. It is an additional sense of humor. Seeing the Little Mermaid covered in oil is one example. Seeing some English to Japanese translator stating ‘Reality is disappointing’ is another. Plus you just learned a little Japanese. Congratulations! Ok Cupid, that lovable alt lit scamp, appears as well. It seems ‘meth’ is searchable interest. It ends with the only non-ironic image, of a Google Map showing the distance between them. 

                What this poetry collection shows is that the Iphone is not just a way to kill time. You can write in those tiny little pieces of time. Things can be created with the excess time we have each and every day. Dayton and Maggie show us that with this work.

Crunk Juice by Steve Roggenbuck

                Get crunk. Get juiced. Get up. Get down. Get psyched. Get stoked. Get rare. Get ready. It is happening. ‘Crunk Juice’ the phenomenal, long-waited chapbook from Steve Roggenbuck is here. Think the Hess Christmas Truck is exciting? Take a bath. A little battery powered helicopter can’t compare with ‘Crunk Juice’. Nothing comes close to crunk juice. For an added benefit every copy of ‘Crunk Juice’ comes with an empty juice container. You fill the container with your own crunk. 

                Some events stick out in my mind. I remember where I was when I saw my first episode of ‘The Simpsons’, where I was when I first watched ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ and where I was when I got my first internet connection. Who would have thought that over one decade later, the internet could be used for such a wonderful social good? I had no idea when I heard that crackling internet modem, shrieking out in horrible pain, that communities could be created. I never realized that someone like Steve Roggenbuck would come out of this, creating such a tight knit community. 

                I am sitting in front of a computer. This is the rarest of days, February 29th. . I’ll remember this day forever. I am happy. ‘Crunk Juice’ is officially here, available digitally. I live online so an online presence is all I know. Steve picked this day for its rare qualities. February 29th might as well run for President. It is that rare. Once every four years we get an extra day, an extra 24 hours to truly live our lives.  

                Weeks ago Steve explained the concept of ‘Crunk Juice’ to me. He told me how excited he was to release it. I was privy to such #rare knowledge. We walked around Baltimore, talked about the internet, and bro-ed it up. He created a wonderful video here in Baltimore. But I got a firsthand look at the some of the amazing and quite honestly life changing poems in here. Some of them made me laugh for a long time and I’m not an easy laugh. 

                Of course you could have ordered this book earlier in physical form. You could have ordered it weeks ago in which case it is busy coming to your home. ‘Crunk Juice’ wants to be your friend. No wait, it wants something more. ‘Crunk Juice’ is human and it needs to be loved just like everybody else does. Today you can pay what you want and download the love onto your computer. Think of Crunk Juice as the pornography of literature. It is naked, raw, and beautiful. And you can probably get really turned on by it, you slutty bagel you!

                I’m all fricked up and I don’t know what to do. I’m happy for Steve. This is his first solo book project since ‘Download Helvetica for Free’ released in March 2011, or ‘I love music’ a sensual collaboration with Stephen Tully Dierks. Steve is my uncle on Facebook but IRL he is something more. Steve Roggenbuck is my friend.

Kyoka – Ish 8.0

                Kyoka creates a demented carnival of sounds on Ish. It is such a pleasure. After listening to Kyoka a couple times, I wonder why she wasn’t put on the Raster Noton roster earlier. This may be the closest Raster Noton has ever come to pop. While all of the ‘Unun’ series takes a more pop-orientated approach, this is definitely the most accessible (and enjoyable) they’ve been in some time. Garbled vocals only add to the absurdity. 

                ‘HADue’ hits hard. The beat is loud as garbled up vocal nonsense assaults the sound. Kyoka simply lets the beats work out. For the next track things conjure up images of some sweaty club with nerdish people jumping up and down in place. Here the track’s length becomes an asset, as it stops and starts on a dime whenever it feels like it. This uncertainty and instability make it nearly cartoonish in nature. 

                ‘YESACLOUDui’ has the anxiety of Matmos’s weird pop concoctions. It employs plenty of static noise doubling as rhythm. And the closer ‘ROMOOne’ ends things on a nervous note. Carefully tripping around multiple percussive elements, it is reminiscent of a long-lost Mouse on Mouse track. Melodies emerge and are quickly squashed. 

                ‘Ish’ is a blast of a record. I like how everything, while somewhat danceable, retains an image of breaking down at any point. Beats are brought to the point of brokenness. This is a busy, hyper-active record that refuses to sit down. It is always playful, building off of itself. Don’t try to understand, simply enjoy. Wish more Raster Noton EPs had this mentality.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


                Formspring is nonsense. I admit it. I’m on there. Most of my questions are from a handful of extremely nice, wonderful people. They are great. Anonymous questions are ‘Take off your pants’ or ‘Come to this chat to see me naked’. However, throughout the course of history, things change. You get shocked. Here’s one of those ‘shocking events’. It is called A good anonymous question on Formspring that doesn’t ask me some adorably perverted thing. 

‘To what extent do you consider yourself part of the alt lit scene? Do you feel more as if you're involved or more as if you're a chronicler of others' involvement? Or if it is a combination of both, how do you strike the balance?’

                The Alt Lit scene doesn’t have a definition. If one exists, I have yet to see it. You don’t get into alt lit for money. Generally you need a certain passion. You need to enjoy writing for writing and nothing else. Alt Lit is a stripped down approach to writing.

                I chronicle a lot of what goes on in Alt Lit. That’s obvious. Some of what I chronicle is taken to deliberate, humorous extremes. I play with words and with the situation. I take the situation and make it absurd. If Hunter S. Thompson had a blogspot I hope he would have followed me. I try to employ a certain ‘Gonzo’ approach to how I view the alt lit scene. Keeping it absurd allows for an easier take on what can often be some darker issues. 

Ustreams lend themselves well to this absurdity. When an ustream happens, there is the literal show going on, with someone reading poetry and doing random events. Sure that’s why people watch. But there’s a second aspect as well. Ustreams create a second show as well. The audience participates in the actual event. They are not only the audience but their own entertainment. Often the audience is so witty that the ustream host spends an inordinate amount of time simply interacting. I use the ustream reference since alt lit is fond of them. I tend to cover a great deal of ustream readings hence why I use it as an example. 

                I am an alt lit player according to the influential online journal ‘Alt Lit Gossip’. Before 2012 I considered myself only a chronicler of alt lit goings-on. With a new year though comes a new attitude. I host alt lit writers at my apartment. I told them of my idea to become more involved in the community through various articles and poems. Sometimes I roll them out on my blog but that’s rare. Lately I’ve been more interested it showing my work to new groups of people, seeing what I can improve upon with my writing/presentation/style. I’m trying to become a better writer. I’m actually passionate about writing. This is surprising to me as I’m not a particularly passionate person. Right now I’m okay but I can become better. 

                Blogging could be considered a form of alt lit contribution. Megan Boyle’s book in Muumuu House showed how blogging is not just a way to kill free time but as a way to fully express oneself. Blogging is a form of alt lit. Megan just happens to be better at it than I am. The shy problem I have well I’m working on it. Even with that I don’t think I can reach the sort of ‘openness’ that comes so naturally with Megan. Or maybe it is hard for her too. I don’t know her personally but she seems nice. 

                Everything is balanced. In my day to day life I try to balance out everything I do. My writing is no different. I want people to get the sense for a particular poem, book, or short story without giving it away completely. I want to interact with alt lit and try to contribute to it in my own meaningful way. I hope this answers your question. Sorry if I was a little too wordy. 

Note: Feel free to ask me questions on Formspring!

The moon looks red and the sky looks black and I can remember exactly how your heart sounds at any given moment by Keegan Crawford

                Leave it to Keegan Crawford to have such a colossal title. All his chapbooks appear to have some incredibly long title. Keegan, I challenge you to a shorter title. Please make your next chapbook title ‘Toy’ or something really short. Your titles are overwhelmingly huge. While I make this suggestion I’m not sure you’ll listen. Most likely your next title will be ‘various amphibians in post-coital states of DVD watching of a TV show that got cancelled by NBC and built up a large cult following’. 

                 The chapbook is set up as a ‘choose your own adventure’ for the alt lit set. You can pick whatever order you want. For the purpose of creativity I picked the bottom option for each one of these options. Choose your own adventure though. The setup is made for that kind of thing. 

                First we hear about the elegy to yellow. Connor Yates Keegan never liked you. Sorry you had to Google your name to find out you were a jerk. You probably should have known that already. I sympathize with Keegan about the ill-fitting T-shirts. Growing older can mean you give up some of your favorite clothes. I know this well as I’m a 37 year old father of three from Fargo, North Dakota. The only advice I can give you is don’t worry. My kids certainly will be wearing the ‘Butthole Surfers’ when they reach the appropriate age of seven. I imagine how cool they’ll be at elementary school with a picture of a hideous medical ailment on their shirt. 

                Yawning burns calories. Everything is pasta except actual pasta. The pasta is a lie. Clothing doesn’t hide people. Typing things to people on the internet is my main form of exercise. Hopefully Keegan writes more to me so I can burn those calories. Hope Keegan doesn’t murder America. I live there. It seems relatively chill. Maybe America could be even chiller. America should probably take a chill pill instead of all those goofball pills it has been downing. 

                I get disliking eating and work. But don’t hate on tomatoes. You know what happens when tomatoes get mad? They get even. Did you ever see ‘Attack of the Killer Tomatoes’? That was Earth! I don’t wear jackets. Regarding ‘Jurassic Park’ that is going to happen. It is based off of fact. Dinosaurs are going to chomp on our delicious delicate parts. Hope Daft Punk rules the world someday. Before that happens they need to come out with another, better album. 

                The dreams seem dark. I practice lucid dreaming every day. When I go to sleep I’m a person who does normal people things during the day. At night I’m a sloth. It is a strange life. I am glad I’ve never successfully drowned. 

                I liked the many choices Keegan gives us. I like choices. I don’t like being told what order to read. I’m a freedom-loving sloth that’s why I live in America, land of the free, home of the brave. Hope Keegan keeps on keeping on with these delightful little pieces.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Alt Lit Reviews by People Who Don’t Read Alt Lit

                Today DJ Berndt, a venerable alt lit institution, wrote a life-changing piece on Bulk Culture. Entitled ‘Alt Lit Reviews by People who don’t read Alt Lit’ I originally thought it was going to show how people can be so busy they can’t always keep up on the latest, greatest trends in Alt Lit. Then it hit me: not everyone on Earth reads Alt Lit. Out of a world population of 7 billion people, there are roughly a couple hundred, perhaps a couple thousand, people who are alt lit readers. I sat shocked by this revelation. 

                How do people find alt lit? I pondered this for a while. Is Tao Lin the alt lit version of a ‘Gateway Drug’? After a person reads a Tao Lin book do they suddenly transform into a chapbook-collecting, Pangur Ban Partying, NewWaveVomiting individual? Or are there other ‘Gateway Artists’. Personally I think Steve Roggenbuck may fall under this category. Steve doesn’t even write things, he says them to a camera. Think of Steve Roggenbuck as a ‘digital bard’. While he may never get to your part of the country (he offers his sincerest condolences, Guam) he is available online. You don’t even need to read. Just absorb his aurora, his presence, and his enthusiasm. 

                I’m shocked DJ Berndt knows non Alt Lit people. To me DJ Berndt is a legend. I hear about his laugh, full of more merriment than eight Macy’s Santa Clauses loaded on booze. He runs the excellent, second to none Pangur Ban Party. Now he even writes for Bulk Culture, a place I’ve submitted to without anything resembling success. They probably get a lot of submissions from people, not sloths. It is okay, it is just difficult sometimes being the only North Dakota based sloth in the entire alt lit community. Maybe I’m not even a member maybe I’m a lowly blogger searching for relevance in all the relevant places. 

                Two of DJ Berndt’s friends at least as far removed from Alt Lit as I am, if not further removed. I don’t know either one of these people but they seem to be nice. Each one was given some Spencer Madsen to read. Spencer Madsen is a rising ‘Alt Lit’ superstar who earns tens of dollars a year from his writing. How would they react to Spencer’s ‘love-letter poem’ to his non High School sweetheart, Mallory Whitten? 

                Re:Mallory Whitten’ gives them a better sense of who Spencer Madsen is. Neither one states that Mallory Whitten is being unfair. Rather, each one laughs at it and holds a slightly different perspective on Spencer’s persona. It is the power of the Madsen that neither N nor J can determine Spencer’s true nature. I’ve met Spencer and I can’t say with any certainty of who he truly is, besides a friend of mine. After that I got nothing. 

                Hope DJ includes more people to review Alt Lit. Who knows, perhaps this segment on Bulk Culture could slowly engross the world. Maybe everyone on Earth someday will be an ‘Alt Lit’ writer, eating pasta every night, recycling cans for money, and selling chapbooks on the internet. One can hope.

Jimmy Chen

                Jimmy Chen is a post-bro. I’m sure if I ever met Jimmy Chen, he’d tell me all about these ‘post’ things. I’d ask if he likes rock. He’d say no, he prefers Post-Rock. I’d ask if he likes modernism. He’d say no, he prefers Post-Modernism. I imagine this would go on for some time until one of us out-did the other with the drollest comment known to man.

                I have read Jimmy’s stuff for a while. He’s funny. He lives in the San Francisco, alt lit paradise. In the about section of his famous website, he claims to live alone. I challenge this as the internet is always full of new friends. He dispenses advice via his Forumspring and accepts friend requests on Facebook. He accepted me as a friend. 

                Most of his posts are from HTML Giant. Those tend to be the funnier, less controversial ones, despite their obvious mockery. Usually he takes a piece of pop culture and morphs it into something more highbrow. See ‘$hot’ not only for evidence of his style, but of his substance (premature ejaculation). Note also how he knows the exact frame of ‘American Pie: Beta House’ where the ejaculate fell on a poor teddy bear.

                He works at an office, which I assume pays more than creative writing. Thought Catalog occasionally publishes his work as well. Where the vast majority of his work resides is at his full time abode, his home at home, his website, elegantly designed. He’s a master of photoshop, constantly photoshopping himself into crazy scenarios. Is he Butthead’s friend? Is he about to get fucked in the ass in the famous movie 'Pulp Fiction'? Oh the possibilities of ass-fucking Jimmy Chen are endless.

                Jimmy possesses a weird sense of humor. He talks about people he can’t add on Facebook. He seems afraid of Sarah Heuer, one half of the Minnesota based ‘PhiLOLZophy’ blog. I like his attention to her specific friends, particularly the ‘meek-type friend zone bros’. Ah, I remember those days of being the meek-type friend zone bros before I met my wife and we settled down to grow turnips. Now we sell the strongest turnip cider you’ll ever have. Don’t go into a K-hole Jimmy, I don’t want you to feel Coors-Lite ish under any circumstances. 

                Lily Dawn is another recommended friend. I have a distraught relationship with Lily. She abuses me all the time on Facebook, Blogspot, etc. It hurts my sloth heart. While Lily says she is kidding, I just don’t know. Do people in Ohio have non-ironic feelings? I don’t know. Ohio does seem to have a large amount of writers though. I have no idea who Seth or Kristina is; I guess I don’t get around much due to my addiction to the internet. 

                Jimmy’s archive only goes as far back as November 2010. I wonder what he did before then. Do people write offline too? Is that a thing? I feel a strong connection to Jimmy. Here we are, two fellow Canadians, writing, blogging hard, but with nary a book to show for it. I challenge Jimmy Chen to a book-off: whoever comes out with a book first wins.

Spiritualized – Sweet Heart Sweet Light

                Spiritualized are coming back. After four years they are returning with another ‘Best New Music’ album. How can I tell? Well usually Pitchfork gives their albums ‘8.4s’.  The exception was that religious Spiritualized album. Pitchfork writers are too alt for God so they panned it. That’s a shame because God is pretty damn alt, having created many relevant alt bands. 

Most of Pitchfork’s staff is at least old enough to remember the 90s, back when college radio felt less lonely and people made real music. Yep that’s the worldview of the average Pitchfork writer. They dig all that ‘old school’ stuff. Need more evidence? Look at all the coverage they give to ‘80s’ and ‘90s’ influenced bands. If you are influenced by the 70s, I’m sorry but Pitchfork writers don’t dig that decade. It is a ‘blacklisted’ decade to them. 

The album cover came out recently. Pitchfork writers went ‘up in arms’ about it. They expect excellence. They don’t expect a cover to have ‘Huh?’ encased in a stop sign. To them that is an awful insult to everything artsy. I mean they expect some totally tripped-out cover art. Pitchfork wants to see an album cover and remember it for the rest of their lives as the precise moment their life changed. 

Well that’s not happening. Instead they do get to hear the first single 'Hey Jane' from the anticipated album. That’s got to count for something. Clearly their time spent stalking Spiritualized’s Soundcloud has not been for naught. Nope this is the bees-knees, right down to the fake ‘cut-out’. In other words, it is a good first single off of the album and a reminder of what they do so well. 


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Jacob Steinberg in Argentina

                Jacob Steinberg is everywhere. He’s in the Middle East, the birthplace of civilization, Florida, the death place of civilization, and Argentina, the birthplace of chill. In Jacob’s spare time he translates alt lit books into Spanish. With his tiny sliver of free time he does ustreams. Ustreams like this one. 

                Random Eurotrash dance music blasted. In the background was some cute babe. She sounded adorable. I tried to get her attention or at least have her read something. Jacob described me as a person whose entire presence is sloth based. When she heard that she mentioned she liked sloths. Of course everybody loves sloths. They are gaining popularity in Google searches, etc. 2012 is the year of the sloth. 

                Argentina has prepared itself for Jacob’s arrival. They failed. Nobody can prepare themselves for Steinberg’s love of life. He hangs out in the hippest parts of Buenos Aires. He explained to us where they were having poetry readings in the city. People appear to appreciate his IRL presence in Argentina, unlike in Florida with that guy who blew him off (metaphorically, not literally). 

                His first poem involved something about trees. A lunatic was in the shade. If someone’s hanging out in the shade in such a hot place, they seem pretty sane to me. Christ came up in the poem. Usually there isn’t much God in alt lite. Glad to hear some good old-fashioned alt lit Catholicism. Neon Indian will have a future EP out dedicated to his Catholic roots entitled ‘Should’ve taken Communion with you’. Actually I enjoyed this poem quite a bit; it was a long, descriptive piece.

                ‘Stranger’ came up next. Jacob started worrying about a lack of music. As we listened he set the room with his dance music. I wonder if Jacob has ever listened to something that wasn’t dance party. This one dealt with moving to other countries. Considering Jacob’s great travels this made sense. Jacob translated it as he read it, from Spanish to English. ‘Game Over/Porn’ followed this, first read in Spanish. He then read it in English for those in the chat not fortunate enough to be a polyglot. Some dance remix of ‘The Killers – Mr. Bright Side’ played in the background. It felt like the mid-2000s all over again.

                We heard a poem from the famous Pancho Espinosa. You may remember him for his immortalized chapbook. It was in Spanish. The poem discussed trying to hook up with a hot babe. Pancho wanted to be naked. But it just wasn’t going to happen. I liked the ending quite a bit. The ending was abrupt. 

                Jacob did something rare. He read a poem in English, Spanish, and Hebrew. It felt relevant hearing so many different languages. Alt lit is well-educated, maybe too well educated for its own good. I’m not sure. I know this cross-cultural sharing is a positive thing. Hope it continues. 

                ‘I’m not a slut, I’m a romantic’ which has become ‘world-famous’ got read. If you paypal Jacob a dollar he sends you a copy of the book. Maybe it can change your life. Maybe with that dollar Jacob can buy some Ramen and continue living the poverty-stricken jet-set lifestyle. 

                 ‘New Poem’ debuted. No one has ever heard this poem before. In fact Jacob didn’t even get around to writing the title for the poem. Jacob doesn’t want to be alone anymore. The poem goes over the loneliness of Jacob’s texting (sexting?) love. In fact Jacob read an uncovered poem, one he found while cleaning his room. Guess he has so much genius he literally ‘loses it’ sometimes. He even went all ‘Word Document archaeologist’ on us. He even read a poem of his that I read for my ‘extremely unsuccessful/successful’ ustream for ‘Superbowl Sunday’.

                ‘A Million Bears’ got read, Spencer Madsen’s debut book. He read the cats poems of the book. Spencer has been having a great 2012. Jacob states that this book may be published ‘for real’ by Muumuu House. Not sure if this is truth or simple speculation. I feel there could be truth behind it. The unseen woman (named Maria) in the background offered her opinion of Spencer’s work in the background. 

                Megan Boyle’s book was read by Mr. Steinberg. He dove headfirst into it. Usually people have certain pieces they read, and they are always the same pieces. Jacob read the really rare pieces. Guess being in Argentina makes you a more alt, relevant person. I like Megan’s web presence. It seems really positive to me. I hope she re-starts her Forumspring and Blogspot. Ones, if not tens of people miss her here on the internet. 

                The Spice Girls ended the ustream as Jacob Steinberg ate homemade pizza. Not only did Maria make Jacob pizza, she housed him. Jacob owes Maria hardcore. Hopefully she’ll be featured in future ustreams as the person speaking in the background. One can hope.

Lady Gabby by Gabby Gabby

                Gabby Gabby has been ‘blowing up the blog-o-sphere’ lately. Everything she does garner quite a bit of attention. Some say it is due to various ‘pictures’ or her prettiness. I say it is due to the quality of her work. And lately she has cranked out quite a bit of material, up to the point where she appears to be ‘spiriting’ through the internet. I’m a sloth so it is hard to keep up. Nonetheless I finally made it. I got to her Tumblr and watched this video.

                What does ‘Lady Gabby’ say? It shows how powerful Gabby Gabby truly is. Few people get to work firsthand with such a famous celebrity. Many people yearn to work with Lady Gaga. Yet out of all the people Lady Gaga could have picked she choose Gabby Gabby? Why you might ask. I’ll tell you. Lady Gaga is obsessed with alt lit and secretly blogs about alt lit late at night. People expect her to be so much. But sometimes all Lady Gaga wants to do is hang out with the alt lit kids who are cooler than she’ll ever be. You see coolness has nothing to do with money and everything to do with passion. Alt lit types are passionate, totally poor, fucked people. That’s alt lit’s greatest asset: its total fucked-ness. 

                In the video Gabby Gabby points to this fucked-ness problem. First we see a camera. The camera is symbolic of a real camera. Gabby is in the clouds because that’s where her head’s at, to answer the call of the Basement Jaxx. 60 minutes plays in the background. It represents the interest mainstream media is beginning to have in alt lit (see the Wall Street Journal’s article about the Muumuu House reading at St. Mark’s Bookshop). Then she rolls her eyes back to represent Satan’s power over the alt lit scene. 

                Most of the video takes place in what I assume is Gabby’s dorm room. Dorm rooms are centers of alt lit activity. She takes some pills but doesn’t swallow them. The pills represent our self-medication. Gabby Gabby rises above this culture. She wants to live in the present, in the dorm room, studying, learning, living in poverty, eating pasta. Ah yes, I remember college fondly. Back then I didn’t have three kids to support. Life seemed so much simpler then. 

                Gabby read one of her poems over Lady Gaga’s interview. Her microphone makes her sound distant. An ambient trance song plays in the background. Gabby laughs at the word ‘Honeydew’. ‘Honeydew’ was the first sled Gabby ever had, representing her innocence before she started throwing around Snow Globes. 

                She has a ‘director’s commentary’ on the video. Lady Gaga paid Gabby only a small sum of money for the promotional material about $950,000. Hope Gabby can live off of this money. Hope Gabby can afford something better than pasta with the money.