Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sarah Jessica Theo Bradley by Theo Thimo and Sarah Jean Alexander

                Hot pink makes one think. This is the hottest color to ever grace any chapbook. A few times the chapbook appears to have fail screens. See the chapbook is a video game. Since they are at rest stops much of the time, drinking red bulls and hanging out in Delaware, it isn’t the most exciting video game. The video game has a name: it is called life. People are always trying to win at life. When somebody’s at a Delaware rest stop it is impossible to feel like a winner. Delaware doesn’t breed winners. Delaware is the halfway point between DC and New York, Baltimore and New York. Without better things surrounding it Delaware would wither away into tax-free nothingness. 

                The chapbook begins with Theo chilling in New York. Is this how Theo rolls, with himself just hanging out in America’s best city? Sure why not. Theo has ‘earned it’. He signs his name below indicating he understands the terms of the agreement. From there Sarah goes on to talk about the need for jobs. Batteries aren’t included for Sarah. Everybody needs batteries to do work. A battery is motivation to give the best to that job, to let them know “I’m alt lit and I need money to live. I’ll probably write poetry at work during my lunch break and fail to talk to you. You’ve been warned.” 

                Self-perception is the secret sauce of writing poetry. Sarah Jean Alexander writes poems based off of her myriad varied experiences. That’s why Sarah is so real. Occasionally Sarah gets a little too real. She needs to bring that realness back to surreality. With surreality all the troubles of the world wash away into a series of neatly aligned little texts. Theo brings it back to the weird with a shout-out to Steve Martin. Is Steve Martin the most alt lit movie star? No but Steve Martin has free time occasionally when he’s not starring in “The Pink Panther” or being an asshole with a banjo. 

                People do everything to make Sarah Jean Alexander happy. She states as much. Yet this is a lie. Sarah Jean Alexander lives in a ‘Sad Girl House’. If everything made Sarah happy, it would be a happy house, as described in Juan Maclean’s block-rocking hit ‘Happy House’. Theo understands this as he informs Sarah ‘One day’ inviting her to the historic splendor that is Worchester, MA. In fact the chapbook becomes so good Peter Travers blurbs it. For those unaware Peter Travers is the godfather of the bros. Every bro looks up to Peter Travers. Here Peter Travers calls the chapbook ‘sexy’. Of course the chapbook is sexy it is in hot pink. 

                Beers are brought up. These are poets. Poets generally drink. Sarah Jean Alexander even works at a bar. Hence she gets great ‘deals’ on imbibing alcoholic beverages. People should hang out with Sarah. She’s in America’s greatest city according to its luxurious benches. People should also hang out with Theo. Though Theo lacks any sort of ‘alcoholic beverage’ hook up he’s probably lonely. Both of them are lonely but this chapbook brings them together with the reader to create a happy little family.

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