Thursday, December 6, 2012

OJ by Nathan Masserang

                Nathan Masserang likes to neck. For most people the neck is the most vulnerable place. Unintelligent, long, with the ability to pump blood to the head, it is a good thing. For males the Adam’s apple is on the neck. People love it. Some find the Adam’s apple to be the most attractive part of a guy. Chilling on the neck it is simply there. It exists. Here Nathan thinks ‘damn’ about the sweet neck action. Nathan and his mate go about necking like two giraffes, quiet, awkward but completely sincere. Love is awkward sincerity. 

                Hair is Samson’s pride. That dude never cut it. All his strength came from his long luxurious locks. Nathan tries to indicate he will not cut it. Due to the gurgle in the throat life (brought on by that dastardly neck) Nathan is unable to convey this promise. Hence the promise that Nathan is fond of them is completely lost. Rather they do not touch Nathan for the week. This is due to their fear that Nathan is a complete baby. Nobody wants to affectionately touch or go out with a baby. That sort of thing is frowned upon in most societies. 

                Backs are scratched. Soda purchased. Nathan wants mixer for his gin. This is good. Gin requires something cool crisp and refreshing. Nathan wants that taste that’ll never let him down again. Little indication is given as to whether or not Nathan obeyed his thirst. From the context clue one assumes he did. At least that would be the human thing to do. What is not human is the dumping. Flint, Michigan on the phone is the worst way to be dumped. People should break up in person. Break-ups over the phone are tacky. Nathan correctly refers to this loser, this breaker of hearts, as an ‘asshole’. 

                The negative life is the EMO life. Many live it each and every day. It is a challenge to be so EMO. Nathan discusses aspects of this negative life. One moment they are as happy as clams. Next thing some seagull has picked up the clam and is flying it up high. Poor clam can do nothing. The seagull’s beak opens and the clam falls to the ground. Once it breaks open the seagull has delicious (and nutritious) clam suffering to eat. Who will be the defender of clams?

                It ends with threats of violence towards no one in particular. Frustration does that. Happiness, sadness, despair and frustration: this happens thanks to the modern life. Life truly eats people up. Nathan knows this and displays the diagrams showing how it will be done.

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