Thursday, June 28, 2012

Red Lightbulbs: 8th Edition

            Ah yes, it is closing time. Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. I know a little about the visual arts. What these artists do is absurd however. How is it possible to have visuals so positively weird that they confuse me? I understand a little of this, maybe I need to print these pieces out and stare at them for days on end. I hope using this method I can perhaps experience their ‘full grandeur’. Let us start.

            Alexander Jorgesen draws pictures of circles in golden light. They are aesthetically pleasing to me. I feel this is a ‘post-abstract’ picture. Truly I want to understand it but I don’t know where to begin.

            Robert Alan Wendeborn writes about baby animals. Words are redacted to add a certain twisted humor to the pictures. Now this I get via my childhood. That baby sheep is controlling. A little cub step bear wants to join the circus. Baby fox eats rabbits. Poor dead baby, he never had a chance to be not dead. Squirrels stink. I don’t care if they are babies or not. I enjoy acting like an elderly person when I go outside and scream at squirrels to ‘get off my lawn’. Glad Robert shows the squirrel at the end.

            Andrew Tamlyn is awesome. My favorites are the first piece with the smudged on paint and the last past of images imposed over each other. I know the last piece’s technique is used quite heavily (it’s a pretty popular one right now) but I feel Andrew know what he’s doing.

            Laurie Pina suffers a crisis about snacking after 10:00 PM. I understand completely. She is a good artist. Feel that Oprah usually doesn’t dictate how people should live their lives. This is a sort of silly, funny like piece. Her attention to detail is wonderful. I like how cute all the cartoons look.

            Cassandra Gillig is experimental as heck. The first one is overwhelmingly bleak. At least there’s a dolphin there. Dolphins make everything better except for sea otters. They hunt sea otters for sport. She shows a profile of Homer Jay Simpson.

            Ben Nissen disturbs me. His work is not safe for the stomach. The sounds in his piece are incredibly creepy. When you see the insect eating another insect, you hear it. The insect scratches itself. You hear that too. The video’s shots are beautiful. Getting through it, seeing the extraordinarily bleak world of the insects is a whole other matter. Yes this is fascinating but also somewhat terrifying. I say Ben Nissen’s work will give me many, many nightmares. 

            Jessy Randall is clever. I love the middle one. That made my chuckle. I don’t laugh at many things anymore since I am a sloth. So this is a positive thing. The last comic she has, of a graph, hits a little too close to home for me.

            There we have it ‘end it’. We conclude today’s coverage of Red Lightbulbs. Hope these light bulbs continue to shine, shine, and shimmer.


  1. Hi, Beach Sloth! Not that it matters to anyone's understanding of the poetry comics, but ... I am a girl. Thanks for doing a post about Red Lightbulbs, one of my favorite online lit mags! -- Jessy Randall