Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mind Over Mirrors – High and Upon LP 8.1

                Mind over Mirrors creates committed music. One might call it insane. That wouldn’t be incorrect but it would  miss the point. Using an extreme dedication to a single melody then sending that very melody through a plethora of oscillators, pedals, and other assorted devices is certainly not typical. Exploration of a single melody brings forth a great sense of calm. Repetition is used very, very heavily throughout these three tracks.

                ‘I’m willing to stagger’ is aptly named. In the opener Jaime works hard to slowly develop the original melody. While it gradually evolves he never loses focus upon that seed. The piece grows through the help of countless counterpoints. Carefully and cautiously he makes it change through the use of so many effects. He works best in large, sweeping takes like this, and indeed the opener is the best piece on the whole album. Thankfully it takes up about half of the entire album’s playing time. He ends the album with a series of dramatic piano chords. Beneath that growls an electronic drone. That drone gets rather violent. Compared to the opening drone, it’s downright nasty. A lot of distortion comes barraging in, tearing apart the uneasy drone. In some ways the song is reminiscent of rock, heavily distorted rock, but rock-influenced nonetheless. Actually the track almost veers into pure noise territory about two thirds of the way before it melts away. 

There’s a sense of humanity throughout all the murky effects, a real and true heart in ‘High and Upon’. It’s a weird universe to be sure.