Saturday, December 31, 2011

Various Artists

                I feel there aren’t enough Compilations anymore. Today I am going to change that. Hopefully this is a beautiful beginning to my ‘Various Artists’ section here. Oftentimes I see so many wonderful songs, compilations, and albums; I do not know where to begin. As a way of bringing together all these wonderful odds and ends, I present the first (of perhaps many) Various Artists. Enjoy!

                Jensen Sportag did a lot this year on Cascine, a new jet-set label. Mostly they were absolutely plush sounding remixes, the kinds of remixes that you cherish. Memorable remixes are a rare breed indeed, but somehow Jensen managed to pull it off in 2011. Actually next year there will be a new album out for them. Listen to the teaser here. Or just listen to one of their smooth (I mean a sort of smooth beyond all human comprehension) remixes. I’m a sloth. I comprehend it. 

                Psychic Occupations is a compilation of shoegaze and psych songs. All proceeds help out the Occupy Wall Street movement. They are relatively cheap. Even as the Occupy movement is physically removed, from occupying actual land, I feel they shall continue to spread the good word of reducing income inequality, etc. Normally I do not talk about politics on here, it is rather rare. Yet the bands on this shindig are worth the $5, and the movement is still strong. Help out some good bands with good hearts. 

                Breaking out of the Christmas spirit is Vacation. I’ve heard Vacation before, doing their creepy folk thing, generally writing some beautifully bleak songs. Now they’ve decided to take a grimier, more electronic approach to their sound for 'Broken Bones'. Their odd voices are still there. Instead of guitars they have electrical static. It is not Christmas-friendly unless you happen to have extremely disturbing Christmases. Man, it is a seriously creepy, creepy song, meant for nightmares. Glad this came out around Christmas, right when I needed it. 

                 Do not fret. This will not be the last Various Artists collection. I shall have more. Since many of these are seasonally based, I’d feel bad to let them linger. Besides, shortly I will have extremely limited (read: no) internet access, and to let these simply go ignored would be unfair. Hope you enjoy all these wonderful tunes!


  1. Oh, wow. If this post is a sign of things to come, sign us up. Great links here.

  2. Thank you Captain. I feel it can help me cover even more artists.