Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Olivia Tremor Control’s New Album

                It doesn’t seem bleak. Everything is fantastic (copyright by Jackson Nieuwland). Why am I excited? Uh, the Olivia Tremor Control came out with a new song after so many years of inactivity (about 12 or so, roughly 3 Presidential terms). Not only that, they’ve announced they are working on a new album. Don’t know them still? I may need to explain.

                Long ago, before there was a fully-developed blog-o-sphere, there existed a delightful collective down Athens, Georgia way called “The Elephant6 Collective”. Some of the bands from that collective like “Of Montreal” and “Apples in Stereo” became better known. Most of them (The Gerbils really guys) did not gain as much attention. A few of them had critical adoration drizzled on them for they were fine, tasty pastries of sound. The Olivia Tremor Control frequently outdid everyone else, often going after positively ridiculous soundscapes. Pop songs were thrown in and the whole albums were unrealized soundtracks to trippy movies. Yep, are you excited yet?

                That’s why it is amazing they’ve returned. My ears have perked on up. When that album leaks I’ll let you know. I try to keep up with the latest in album leaks, and the Olivia Tremor Control new album leak is no different. Already they’ve released a single in support for the still unmade album. You can listen to it here. As I listened to it I think I cried. Being re-acquainted with one of the few bands never to meet my “IPOD culling methods” is amazing. I’m getting caught up with one of my closest musical friends. Since they are touring all the coolest parts of the East Coast, you can get to meet them in real life as well. 

                 Nothing at all can prepare me for this album. Even that teaser song has been played again and again in my mind. Welcome back Olivia Tremor Control we missed you. Don’t leave us again.