Monday, June 27, 2011

Björk – Crystalline

                Last time we saw Björk she was driving a truck through Iceland’s frozen wasteland. A song played in the background during that drive is now available. Called “Crystalline” it has everything you might expect from a Björk song. Fans of hers will probably enjoy this tremendously. I can never tell who   Björk’s fans are but I figure they are a little off and into narwhal solos.

                The song begins with a child she recruited. Using a mere toy, the child manages to create the illusion of innocence, harking back to an earlier time in her life. Rumors suggest the music video may involve a stuffed teddy bear jumping into the frigid North Atlantic to protect whales from the vicious Norwegians. Of course, that’s just a rumor.

                We’re talking about Björk though so the beats come in fairly quickly. They are electronic, weird, and sound similar to Mike Paradina’s beats (he worked with her on previous albums). I mean, the rush at the end nearly confirms it. Obviously I’d love to know, but I’m enjoying the sound of this a lot. She hasn’t really done anything this electronic-based to me since her albums “Debut” or “Vespertine”.

                I’m wondering what the app on the iPhone will be for this song. The song is a bit unstable, unbalanced, like much of her best work. Hopefully she avoids making every song of hers a tease like this, with constant singles over and over. At this point the album is ‘partially’ recorded, though that might be a lie I can never tell with a person with so many elfish qualities.

                Let’s hope the rest of the album shows her in this good of form. All of Iceland’s economy depends on the revenue she brings in (due to their economic meltdown) so let’s hope she brings home the Ram Testicles.