Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Neon Glittery

                The way I understand people on the internet is the same way I do in real life: through music. Knowing whether or not they have similar musical interests to me means a great deal to me. So when I saw they not only had ‘Super’ compatibility to me on Last.FM but had their own abstract DIY electronic project as well (see here) meant I probably should check out more for the potential hope she might be awesome. She is. 

                Neon Glittery (aka Elizabeth Ashley Arnold), the name suits the Arkansas native well. Whether it is her music, photography, or poetry, she radiates happy colors. The music comes across as some lo-fi experimentation which references bits of glitch, particularly my favorite song “dragonflies”. The pictures are this weird combination from a multitude of sources. You can see what I mean by looking at the illustrations she did for Loop Loop Endogenous Nightscape. She did the lettering as well, painfully reminding me how awful I did in calligraphy class.

                Besides all of these accomplishments, she’s also a poet. Her writing is published on her own blog and in various online publications such as Metazen and NewWaveVomit. I’d suggest reading both, but I’ll go over her NewWaveVomit submissions.

                “SHHHH…..” makes me hope someday I can see the Gulf of Mexico, a place I’ve never visited. I really liked “Untitled 3” a lot. A kid sleeping in for weeks on grey cotton sheets reminds me of May 2006. Somehow I find its short length to be reassuring, like comforting me that such behavior is okay, a kind of ‘Virtue of Laziness’. Personally I think laziness is underrated but then I’m a sloth.

                “Untitled 7” is perfect. I just want to republish it because it is exactly what I wish I could have as an email signature for some office job where I’ve developed senioritis and no longer care about my responsibilities because I’ll be gone shortly. Of course, that’s just a fictional made-up scenario with no basis in reality. Personally I’ve never done that and gotten sat down by a supervisor being asked to politely not do it again. 

As I put this poem down via copy and paste, I want Neon Glittery to know this made me so absolutely happy. It conjures up the spirit of the CoBRA art movement. CoBRA drew inspiration from children’s paintings and such, so I feel it’s a somewhat apt comparison. For wonderful work see the below:

.make sense of this (NON)sense-tence.




                Dedicating a poem to a compost rock n’ roll (Untitled Haiku) and drawing inspiration from Valentine’s Day are both great. I like how she’s able to pack so much into such little statements. The rest of the poems express the happy images of hammocks and greasers. Good memories to capture. 

                Going through all her material, she’s a one-person art movement. It is pretty impressive resume to touch upon poetry, music and poetry with the same attitude. You could call it flippant. That wouldn’t exactly capture the sheer overflowing, over-pouring of ideas. She maintains six TUMBLRS, several blogs, and has collaborated with others over the internet. I like what she does. You should too.