Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tamion 12 Inch – Let’s Suffer 5.8

Signed onto ADULT’s “Ersatz Audio” label, I expected big things from these guys. Their initial offering to the public of a very twisted EP signaled big things. However, upon actually receiving the album, I ended up feeling a bit empty.

A stripped down version of ADULT’s already minimal style appealed to me, a young child thoroughly disillusioned. Most of this feels like second rate cuts from ADULT’s album. Then there’s the problem of songs that really outstay their welcome “Sisters” in particular coming to mind. I guess a piano solo would be cool in a band like Ben Folds, but this is electro-clash, we didn’t come here for that.

Now, don’t be fooled, there are some decent songs on here. “The Devil was Right Pt.2” and “Mix Mix Mix” work for their immediate impact and actual hooks. What bothers me is how much of these songs act more like mood pieces rather than visceral, living, breathing songs. 

Ultimately, if there were more songs of quality, I might be able to tolerate a second-rate version of ADULT.  But so much of this is so forgettable, even the better parts don’t merit more than an once-over.

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