Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Samps – Samps EP 7.5

A mutant hybrid of cheesy samples fused together to make some sort of enjoyable dance and pop music. Every little stitch is readily noticeable, there is no polish whatsoever on any of these tracks, which provides part of the charm of them in the first place.

Without polish, these are really likable, as they feel like they are being assembled as you listen to them. One of the main results of this approach is the busy aspect of the compositions. At no point would someone call this “minimal” besides referring to the small amount of equipment and/or programs used to hold the whole enterprise together.

“Wizards Sleeve” and “Thys” are the two interludes that separate the 4 main tracks. “FXNC” is surprisingly funky, and “YellowJacket” starts off with a distorted sample right out of the worst of Steely Dan before transforming into some hypnotic trance.

“Hyperbolic” quickly turns into a nice ride of beats and distorted chorus, before in the middle of the song, the best little funky synth comes in and takes the whole song to an even higher level. “Peppergood” leaves things off with a happy feeling. All of this happens very quickly and it happens to be a great example of how a lack of equipment or training should not prevent you from making music.

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